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Why Fire-Resistant Blinds are Important

An often-overlooked aspect regarding blinds is how they are a potential fire risk. This is especially true should the fabrics used in the blinds be vulnerable to fire, making fire resistant blinds incredibly important.

While a legal necessity in various commercial settings, fire resistant blinds can also improve fire safety in private residents, making them an incredibly valuable asset that could make all the different during a fire.

When customers look for blinds, they often don’t consider fire safety, which is rather surprising when you consider the potential fire risks found in homes and offices alike. For instance, fire risks are much higher in a kitchen than other rooms, but not everyone looks to invest in fire resistant blinds for their kitchen.

Recent legislation in the UK has made fire resistant blinds a requirement in many different sectors, highlighting the importance of these products. Therefore, many businesses must consider blinds are part of their fire risk assessment, making fire resistant blinds all the more important.

What are fire resistant blinds?

Fire resistant blinds are blinds that are typically treated with a substance that makes them more resistant to fire, although they can also be made from fireproof fibres in many instances.

Coated fabrics are made fire resistant due to the properties present in the chemical treatment that coats the fabrics. This lowers the overall flammability of the blinds, and is one of the most popular forms of fire resistant blinds.

Inherent fabrics refers to fire resistant blinds that are made from weaving fire retardant fibres through the fabrics of the blinds. The main difference between the two is that inherent fabrics do not diminish over time like coated fabrics, guaranteeing fire resistance throughout the products life.

Regardless of how they are made, fire resistant blinds feature materials that allow them to reduce the overall fire hazard, helping to reduce any potential risks while also providing an additional safety should a fire ever break out.

The importance of fire resistant blinds

Fire resistant blinds are important for a variety of reasons, with the most obvious being their ability to prevent a fire from spreading. For example, certain types of fire resistant blinds are capable of self-extinguishing, so should they ever come into contact with an open flame they will limit how far the fire will spread.

Another example of how important fire resistant blinds can be is their ability to slow down the spread of a fire. This is typically achieved through fabrics that lower heat build-ups created by the fire, helping to reduce the speed in which a fire develops.

Again, both offer rather obvious benefits when it comes to reducing fire risks, making it clear just how important fire resistant blinds are, especially when you consider it could make all the difference in preventing what could be a fatal fire.

Whether being used in hospitals, schools, offices, hotels, restaurants, or even just a private home, there’s no denying that fire resistant blinds offer increase safety from a potential fire hazard.



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