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Why Basement Renovations are Better than Moving

When you first move into a house it is a very exciting time.  You lay have plans to redecorate or even renovate the property.  It is highly likely that you will get stuck in straight away and turn the house into a home.  However, as time passes and your family grows you may start to feel cramped and start looking at what other options are within your budget range.  This can be a difficult decision but one that you probably feel is worthwhile.

Fortunately, there is an alternative that many people do not consider.  Instead of moving, it is possible to speak to a basement renovations company, such as Basement Finishing Company and find out what the options are regarding the basement in your home.  You may be surprised at just how much extra space is available and what can be done with it.  A professional basement renovations form will measure the space and show you what can be achieved; you do not even need a huge budget to achieve it.  The right project can make you fall in love with your home again and can be a better option than moving:Image result for Why Basement Renovations are Better than Moving


The most obvious advantage to not moving is the cost.  The legal fees and real estate costs will quickly mount up into the thousands; these are all funds you will not be able to get back.  However, although basement renovations will probably cost more than this they will add value to your property which can be reclaimed should you ever decide to sell.  It is also fairly easy to secure extra borrowing on your existing mortgage for something that will add value to your property; obtaining a larger mortgage for a larger house may be more difficult.


There is a significant amount of stress associated with moving home, this is something that you can easily do without!  Alongside the stress of moving you will need to deal with finalizing all the utility bills at one house and recreating them at another.  You may also stress about the moving process, as buyers can pull out and sales fall through.  There are also potential issues with the size of the bills in a larger home and whether your finances will stretch to accommodate it.


Stress is only one factor regarding the move; unless you are fortunate enough to find a house around the corner you are likely to be moving away from all the things and people you know.  It may even be necessary to disrupt your children’s lives by making them change schools and leaving friends behind.  This will make any move much more difficult and have you wishing you had taken the basement renovations idea!


Upsizing should create more space for you and your family; although it comes at a higher price.  It is also a sign to others that you are doing well.  However, you may find that you can create as much space, if not more, by simply renovating the basement.  It is a much easier option in many ways that packing your entire life up and moving it to a new location!


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