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What factors cause your house foundation to get damaged?

Damage to the house foundation can cause a costly issue to the homeowners. While the base part becomes weak or unsettled, you may need to do the repair work instantly. However, most of us do not know the major reasons behind the cracks in the foundation. You can call the team at 1800foundation to repair all the parts. We have created a list of factors, affecting the foundation if you are staying in Texas.

  • Landscaping not done rightly: Though landscaping increases the beauty of the area, it may damage the foundation of your house, while you are not careful. The large trees or bushes, not planted at the right place, may cause your foundation to get cracked.
  • Constructional flaws: The contractors, with no knowledge of the rules of building a house, can do mistakes. Most of them use low-quality steel or concrete that weakens the condition of the foundation. That is why you have to rely on the best contractors for building your house.
  • No good drainage system:A house, with no gutter, has the risk of the damaged foundation. The water will not flow to the right direction, and thus, the accumulation of moisture on the foundation reduces the stability. You will find cracks in the base, while the gutter system is not in the right condition.
  • Issues in plumbing structure: Leakage in plumbing system also creates an effect on the foundation. Due to this leakage, the water may reach the soil, which is surrounding the house. As you may not be able to find out this leakage very easily, you have to call the professionals.
  • Seasonal factors: Due to the change of season, the soil gets swelled, and it becomes the major concern of your foundation. It is better to inspect the foundation by professionals so that you may avoid the effect on concrete.
  • Not good quality soil: The clay soil has the potential of getting swelled, and it can become contracted after getting dry. Your foundation may get shifted due to this issue, and so, it is one of the major reasons for cracks or other types of damages to the foundation.

These are the major factors, which can affect the foundation of a house. You should hire the repairers to deal with the foundation cracks. While there are minor cracks, you will be able to solve the issue at a reasonable cost.



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