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Ways to Make Your Basement Feel More Homey

Adding basements to your home is a great way to add additional living space in your home on a smaller budget. Basements tend to be more affordable than a second story to your home. Many years ago basements were built dark and cold and were known for their numbers of spiders that lurked through the carpets. Basements have come a really long ways over the years. The idea of dark basements is a thing of the past in new homes. Basements are now well lit and really can add really beneficial space to your home. You don’t even need to worry about the influx in spiders anymore because the building is done better and there is great pest control available to make sure that you aren’t living with spiders in your basement.

Now that you know that you can add a basement to your home without it becoming a dark dungeon that your children refuse to use, how can you make it a homey space that everyone will want to spend time in?

Light Basements

One of the main things you want to focus on while you are building your home is that there is plenty of large windows to keep the basement nice and bright. Natural light is the best way to make your basement feel homey. You also want to make sure to put nice and bright window treatments in your home so that you do not hide the natural light that comes in. Visiting the blind gallery will help you determine which blinds are going to make your basement feel the most homey.

Another way to make your basement feel homey is to pick great flooring that is going to enhance the light and airy feeling of your basement. Dark carpets or wood floors are a bad decision in a basement. Light colored carpets and wood flooring materials are going to brighten the space and enhance the natural light that you are encouraging to come in through the new large windows. It is also suggested that you choose a short carpet versus a shag carpet in your basement to help deter bugs from living inside of the woven carpet. Long shag carpet is a great place for spiders to hide and lay eggs in your carpet. Short carpet will help keep the spiders away and identify any infestations before they have taken over your space.

One last thing that you want to place special attention towards is the coloring that you choose to put in your basement. Painting the walls a nice bright color like eggshell white will help the sun bounce off the walls and make your basement bright and inviting. It is also a good idea to choose furnishings that are light and bright. Dark, leather furniture will make the basement feel dark and cold compared to a light colored warm sofa that will be more inviting in the lower floor of your home. You also want to avoid decorating the wall with any dark colors. Navy blue accent walls can be very pretty but in a basement you want to avoid painting the walls any shades of dark colors so you don’t make the basement seem dark in any way. You may also want to stay away from dark colored drapes or shades so you don’t take away from any of the natural light. Decorating with bright colored windows is another great way to bring a light and airy vibe to the lower level floor.

Overall, there are many different things that you can do to encourage and homey atmosphere in your basement for your family. Visiting a blind gallery is one of our first suggestions to set you off on the right foot when it comes to decorating and making your basement feel like a homey space. We also encourage you to be careful and think through the colors that you choose to paint your walls and decorate with. Also remember that a light and bright floor will encourage a bright atmosphere that will make your basement a more homey area.



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