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Useful Tips to Be a Caterer on How to Rent a Commercial Kitchen

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You must have a commercial license to work as a caterer. The kitchen arrangement that you will choose will depend on the budget. There are several options to consider including renting a kitchen, sharing a kitchen, licensing and multipurpose arrangements.

Unless you are willing to share the kitchen space with the other food business, it is difficult to find a fully fitted kitchen for rental purposes. Find a peaceful and efficient space that can serve your intended use. If you have chosen a commercial kitchen, there is no need to install plumbing, ventilation or make electrical arrangements. However, you might have to purchase different equipment like sink, stove, coolers and so on.

Licensing the kitchen

Another useful option is to license a commercial kitchen. Before proceeding ahead, you would have to consult the health department about the permit requirements and licensing. You might have to install several equipment like sink and dishwasher. A commercial dishwasher and a sink for preparation would serve the purpose. You could visit http://www.4thstreetmarket.com/east-end-incubator-commercial-kitchen/ for some amazing ideas.  

Make sure that the refrigerator you have chosen is capable of storing food below 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Above that, all the surfaces in the kitchen must be clean and tidy. The shelves should be prepared in such a way that they could keep food items at a height of at least six feet.

Sharing a commercial kitchen is always a good option. If you are ready to share the space with someone, this is an ideal option.  It is a brilliant option for those who have a tight start-up budget. However, it might limit your growth after some time when the shared kitchen would not be available for clients’ services.

Low budget solutions

If you are looking for low budget solutions, here are several things you could do. You could choose the electric appliances over the gas like the induction cooktops. As the electric equipment would not generate any heat, it will reduce the need of ventilation system. In this way you could save a lot of money without much effort or cost cutting.

You must consider the online suppliers as well as the local suppliers. If you have chosen an online supplier, do not forget to consider the cost of shipping. Research about their shipping policies, warranties and the customer care support. Ensure that they offer best quality support 24/7. Ask them for detailed quotes mentioning all the necessary components. You could compare the quotations of different vendors to make a well-informed decision.

It is best to have some emergency funding available. You must be having a rough budget in mind before setting up your business. Unless you have mastered in the budget setting, there are high chances that it is going to cost you much more than you think. To set up a full kitchen, the cost might fall in the range of $25000 – $100000 depending on the quality of equipment chosen. You might have to pay a little extra to get all the luxurious features that will definitely add value to your business.

Besides this, the cost of installation would be an additional factor to consider. Hence, it is ideal to arrange for a line of credit well in advance for emergency situations. In this way, you could cover the shortfall.

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