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UrbanClap helped me get the best Samsung Washing Machine Service in Delhi

We run a hotel in Delhi and we have in house laundry service. But suddenly our Samsung washing machine stopped working and we started to have lots and lots of customer complaints. We even experienced deteriorated customer ratings. We were a bit worried and we decided to change the washing machine, but since the machine was heavy duty and replacing the washing machine could have been a bit costlier. So we decided to get the washing machine repaired as soon as possible. But again finding a good professional for the Samsung washing machine service in Delhi was not that easy.

UrbanClap as the saviour of the moment

I had tie up with some of the repairing shops who visited us to repair the ACs of the hotel rooms. I called them to ask whether they can help me find a good professional to service my washing machine. They declined and asked me to search for one online. I searched various ad portals to find one professional who could have just repaired my Samsung washing machine. But such ad portals just houses wrong contact details and information, so I was unable to find anyone from there.

I was worried and was discussing my problem with my manager. One of our customers heard us talking and came to me and politely told me that I can find the one from the app named UrbanClap. I enquired about the app and pulled my phone out. I searched the app in the Google play store and found the app, just on the top. I checked the ratings and found that the app has actually helped numerous people in finding the best service providers. Without giving it a second thought, I clicked on the install button in order to get the app downloaded and installed on my smart phone.

After getting the app downloaded, I opened the app to find the best professional for Samsung washing machine service in Delhi. As soon as I opened the app, it asked me to enter few of my personal details which were required to get me registered on the app. It took me few more seconds to enter those basic details. After entering the required information, I clicked on the sign up button so that I can be registered on the app as an active member. Soon after signing up, I started receiving welcome messages from the UrbanClap team.

After receiving the welcome messages, I was again active on the app so that I could have found the best suited professional who could have given the best Samsung washing machine service in Delhi.As soon as I searched, there was a long list of professionals which flashed on my phone’s screen. I was happy to find such huge number of professionals from which I could have chosen the best.

How to find the best professional from UrbanClap?

Finding the best among those professionals was not that tough. I started comparing each and every professional on the basis of the ratings which they received and shortlisted few among them who got the best ratings. After short listing few, I focussed on the reviews they got from their previous clients. I read the reviews very carefully and picked one which had the best reviews and ratings among all.

 I called him and explained the condition of my washing machine and what were the issues we were facing with it. He assured us that he will repair it well and it will not be costing much. I even asked about his experience in the field and was satisfied with his experience. I asked him to visit our laundry and repair our washing machine. He was very punctual and reached our hotel just on time. He investigated the problem and asked his co-worker to bring all the parts needed for the repairing. He completed the repairing work just in front of my eyes and I saw him that how dedicated and hard working he was.

Why should I trust UrbanClap?

I too had the same question in mind, as I never trusted online ventures for finding any service provider. But I am glad that UrbanClap proved me wrong. I am so happy to admit that Mr. Randhir Thakur from Repairing Works turned out to be the best professional for Samsung washing machine service in Delhi.UrbanClap just changed my perception about the online platforms and I am very thankful to the whole team that it made me meet the perfect professional in the town.

I will surely recommend Mr. Randhir Thakur to anyone or everyone who are seeking some professional to get their branded washing machine or any possible electronic device repaired. UrbanClap is actually doing a great job by letting the service seekers meet the service providers and that too with such an ease.


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