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Tip and Tricks for Choosing Paint Colors

When it comes to flipping a home, one of the most critical, make-or-break steps is choosing the perfect exterior paint color. Not only does the paint color enhance the curb appeal of your home, but it can also set your home apart from others in the neighborhood, up the resale value of your home, and give it a unique, welcoming look.

Tips for Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

As simple as the task may sound, choosing an exterior paint color that works with your home’s design style as well as the area’s natural surroundings can be a challenge. When determining what color to paint your house, keep these following tips in mind.

Tip 1: Explore your options

Often times homeowners neglect to choose colorful, imaginative color schemes because they assume labor and products will cost more. In reality, vibrant and atypical colors are rarely more expensive and can often further the appeal of your home. Keep in mind, though, that if your home is located in a neighborhood, you’ll want to abide by HOA regulations and consider exterior color schemes that work well with surrounding homes.

Tip 2: Be observant

Unique architectural detailing, exterior features, windows, and doors can all play a role in what colors you choose. Take a field trip through different neighborhoods to see colors in action and make note of what schemes you could see working on your home. Consider color pallets that give your front door that welcoming definition and outline your windows for a crisp, finished look.

Tip 3: Consider color placement

When choosing your exterior colors, take note of permanent features like roofing materials, brick, slate, or stone features, etc. Because these color resources have various shades and hues, they can often be used as a good guide for choosing a color scheme. For example, if your home has charcoal gray roofing, you could focus on a paint scheme that has gray-green or gray-blue accents. Once you’ve chosen a couple different color options, test them outdoors at different times of the day and at different areas of the home.

Tip 4: The painting approach

Colors can greatly affect the appearance of your home. For example, white or light colors on a large home situated on a small property can enlarge the appearance of the house while dwarfing the property. A safe rule of thumb to use when choosing colors is to select two shades from the same color strip: one lighter and one darker. Whichever you didn’t elect for the body of the home, apply to an accent piece like the shutters or window frames. This contrast creates a crisp, welcoming appearance.

Tip 5: Whites, lights, and neutrals

Though colorful, vibrant schemes can sometimes add variety to your home, applying whites, lights, and neutral colors are often the safest bet if you’re having trouble deciding on applicable colors. If your home is tall, use a deeper natural tone on the upper portion of the home and apply a lighter natural tone on the bottom portion. You can also use this technique on small lots with immature landscaping by reversing the scheme so that the darker tone is on the lower portion, grounding it to the earth.

5 Color Schemes To Make Your Home Shine

Wondering what’s hot and what’s not in color schemes right now? Check out these five exterior paint colors that will help your home look fresh and trendy.

  1. Taupe and brown: Taupe is one of the most popular neutral tones on the market right now. When paired with warm, natural browns or creamy ivories, this color palette creates a welcoming backdrop for lush landscaping.
  2. Dark and light gray: Accent windows and other architectural features with dark gray trim highlight the body of your home with a light gray to create a cool, fresh look.
  3. Blue-gray, white, and yellow: Get a calming, nautical appearance by applying a deep blue-gray on the body, cream or white on trim, shutters, railings, and pillars, and go with a sunny yellow on the door for a welcoming pop of color.
  4. Cypress green and dark gray: Cypress green, a blend of green and gray tones, is a safe, neutral exterior choice that can be easily highlighted with landscape and other accents. Opt for dark gray or black shutters for a look that makes a statement, or outline trim with a creamy white for a subtle, calm appearance.
  5. Wheats, white and brown: This whitish, yellowish, buttery tone is warm, clean, and provides a pallet for a slew of design opportunities. Consider choosing a dark brown or gray-blue hue for doors and shutters, and apply a cream or ivory color on all other trim.

Going the Extra Mile for Exterior Design

When shopping for exterior color choices, keep in mind that this is your first opportunity to make a big impression on potential buyers. By following these tips and opting for trending color palettes, you can choose exterior colors that will highlight your flip and sell your home. Furthermore, by taking advantage of beneficial resources like Tarek and Christina seminars, you’ll become a master at selecting fresh, relevant colors.


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