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Three Reasons to Consider Tree Removal

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Tree removal is a service designed to eliminate certain threats of damage or injury created when a tree is damaged, diseased, otherwise not in proper health, or obstructing your view. No matter the reason, the men and women who provide this service know how to handle it quickly, safely, and without risking your property along the way, which offers you peace of mind throughout the process. That said, some homeowners are unsure when it is best for them or what the process is to remove a tree, which is why you must consider why so many homeowners utilise this service.

Extreme Leaning

A tree that is on the verge of falling over will be leaning more than 15-degrees in any direction. This can be corrected by removing the tree once you notice it leaning. This leaning may occur rather quickly and without warning, although it is more likely to occur after a severe storm or after the ground nearby the base of the tree has been significantly disturbed, i.e., from some type of nearby construction. This is a severe risk to any person or property beneath the trunk and canopy of the tree, and tree removal in Perth is the best way to eliminate the threat before a serious incident occurs.

Fungus and Disease

As still as they remain during their long lifetime, trees are very much living things which are capable of contracting disease or becoming a victim to fungus and other parasites. This is an unfortunate fact of nature and often completely unavoidable, as many deadly tree diseases and invasive parasites cause damage without any outward signs of trouble for months or even years. Often, the damage is irreversible by the time it is obvious. A diseased and dying tree is a threat to every other living plant within a certain distance from the trunk, which this is why you are better off simply removing the tree and its stump from the very start.

Improved Aesthetics

If placed in the right location, a tree will greatly improve the aesthetics of a property and allow you to enjoy years of beauty, privacy, and shade, but this is not always the case. Hundreds of thousands of trees are accidentally planted each year by squirrels and birds, which may result in a tree growing in an inconvenient or unsafe area of your property. Some homeowners utilise tree removal services to ensure an uninterrupted view of beautiful landscapes or views around the property, or for guests who stay at the property or enjoy spending time outside on the deck. Ultimately, this will improve the aesthetics of your property and make it possible to better enjoy it.


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