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Things You Should Know while Considering the Installation of a New Roof

Whether you are adding a roof to your home or workplace, you need to understand the work involved in placing a roof. Before the work starts and during the process you need to take care of certain things.

Noting few things to consider:

  • You need to keep your outer premises of home totally clear from people, vehicles or pets roaming there as while the work is in process, there are chances of mishaps. As debris may fall harming the valuable things as well as people walking around the place can get injured.
  • Tools and materials should be kept closer to the working site to avoid any disturbance and for the convenience of the workers. The materials should be kept in safe place after the day’s work ends as there are chances of it getting stolen.
  • Many home dwellers usually keep valuables in attics or in garages. It will be helpful to cover them adequately or remove the things for keeping them safe from falling debris.

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  • If there are any electrical fittings installed earlier make sure to disconnect them from main power sources as there are chances of getting them damaged or there are chances of the whole place getting short circuited. You need to remove satellite connections fixed on the roof parapet.

The things you need to know while the installation of roof is in process:

  • While the roofing work is in process there is sure to be quite loud noise and dust blowing around. The continue sound of roofers hammering and grilling screws may not prove quite a disturbance for elderly members and babies in the family. It will be wise to shift them to another place till the roofing project gets complete.
  • There is possibility in occurrence of vibrations while the work is in process. Thus it will be safe to remove the frames from the wall and breakable things in the shelves to be kept in secured place.
  • While the work is in completing stage, have the unwanted materials lying about get cleared to keep the place premises clean and beautiful.

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