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Things you should know about parquet flooring

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A statement floor is the perfect addition to your lavishly designed house. The world of flooring is truly enriched. You may find flooring inspired from antique designs which made use of the wooden panels primarily. In addition to designs, it is the material that makes considerable difference. Parquet is one such material used for making flooring panels, which is classy in looks, better in performance and easy to maintain.

What parquet flooring is?

Parquet is the mosaic of small pieces of wood arranged side by side to achieve a decorative pattern. This flooring derives its name from the French word that meant small compartment. It is available in a variety of geometrical shapes such as rectangle, triangle, squarish, lozenges, etc. This flooring can make use of solid wood or engineered woods. These days, engineered wood is in high demand.

Why parquet flooring is so popular

Quality, durability and ease of maintenance – these are the three main qualities one looks for in the flooring material. Since this flooring is made of real wood, its durability and quality are unquestionable. This material is ideal for living rooms and above grade, and should definitely be avoided in basements.

Wood panels used in this flooring style are very thin, measuring only about 4” in thickness. It is liked because of the magnificence in the look it offers and due to the fact that it reminds of the richness the ancient houses and buildings were famous for.

This is the only wood floor type that can be installed just like a tile. Thus, making flooring using this material becomes faster.

Things to be aware of

The use of adhesive in making this type of flooring calls for extra precision and expertise. The surface is not sturdy enough to withstand rough sanding down.

Parquet flooring is very much in demand. Experts say that using it is increasingly becoming a practice and more and more people are recommending it to those who want ancient looks in their houses.


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