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The Strangest Places You Might Find Wasps Nests

 Wasps will pretty much build their nests anywhere they can feel safe. Normal places you will find a wasps nest is bushes, lofts, sheds and guttering. Whenever you encounter a wasp nest, you should always call in the professional pest controllers to come and get rid of it.law

Some of the places wasps nests have been found over the years have been pretty amazing. The strangest locations wasp nests have reportedly been found are:

  • In a car door handle
  • Inside a car engine
  • Inside a toy house
  • In a helmet
  • In a watering can
  • On the rung of a ladder
  • On the handle to a loft
  • On a pair of hedge cutters

This just goes to show you anywhere is acceptable for a wasp to build their nest. If they think it meets all of their criteria, where they will be safe and have a great food source, nothing will stop a wasp from building a nest. Wasps will stop at nothing to survive and keep their nests safe, so having one on your property is very dangerous for you, your family and your pets.

If you ever come across a wasps nest on your property, you need to make sure you invest in a proper nest removal service. Handling wasps nests should never be done by yourself. It is incredibly dangerous to try and remove a wasp nest if you haven’t been trained to do so. You can make the problem a whole lot worse, and will probably end up getting hurt in the process too. A good pest control technician will be trained in all the latest techniques to remove and destroy wasps nests. All you’ll have to do is clean up afterwards!

Keep a pest control professional’s number on hand if you experience wasps nests quite regularly. The guys over at http://www.pestcontrol4london.co.uk are great if you want trustworthy people for the job, as they worked well for us when we had a wasp problem. Knowing there is a company out there who can come out to you as soon as you discover a pest problem is really reassuring. Who knows, maybe your next problem with wasps will be as unusual as the ones mentioned here. We definitely want to know about it if it is!


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