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The reviews of the best benchtop planers to help you choose the right one

A benchtop planer is a small and portable machine tool that can be used for cutting and smoothening wooden boards as per the thickness required. Earlier, planers were available only in factories and they were bulky. But with portable benchtop planers, even those who are not professional wood workers can get one to work with wood in simple DIY projects. 

Here are three best benchtop planers available today:

Makita 2012 NB: Its blade can be replaced easily and that means, you can work with it for a long time. These blades can also be used on either side that means, if one side becomes blunt, then you can work with the other side. Also, when it comes to maintenance, there are not many hassles as all that you require to do is cleaning the dust off it from time to time and replacing the blade when necessary. It thus lasts for a long time, which is a great feature of Makita benchtop planers because you really do not want one which needs to be replaced every year. It also has the anti-sniping along with automated head clamp feature. This lends security to the device as the board remains locked and the cutter head moves in a uniform manner, thus ensuring a smooth finish to the board. You know that most of the cutting boards make a lot of noise which means workers often have to hear ear protection devices but Makita makes only a minimal sound.  The power of Makita benchtop planer is 8500 rpm and its feed rate is 28 per minute. The only con is that it does not have a dust hood. Visit http://www.needforhome.com/best-benchtop-planer-reviews/ to read the reviews.

Dewalt DW734: Its installation will take some time but it is an easy process and with the manual instructions, anyone will be able to assemble it. It comes with a depth gauge which help you to put it in such a way that you can put the material as per how much you wish to remove. Dewalt benchtop planer also has a dust wood which means it can collect dust conveniently and will prevent a mess. It also makes cleaning up rather easy. Its knife is one of the best features of Dewalt planer as it is reversible and replaceable. The con is that it is bulky and weighs 80 lbs. If you can place it on a cart, that can help to carry it from one place to another.


WEN 6550: The best attraction of the planer is its affordable price and yet it works most efficiently. It comes with 3 cutting blades which is the added attraction. It also has a powerful motor with 15 amp which can give almost up to 18,800 cuts in just one minute. The feed rate is also 26 per minute, another remarkable feature. One of the features that makes it best is the granite table which lends impressive support to the board thus making the cuts perfect and smoother. The handle is made of rubber and helps to adjust the height of the planer.



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