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The Best Windows By (US) Region

Buying a home in different parts of the United States involves understanding the best types of Neufenster.com windows to keep your family safe and comfortable all year long.


Spend any amount of time in this region of the United States and you will quickly understand why residents prefer large windows. Of course, big sheets of glass that you let you view picturesque nature can also be ridiculously inefficient so the best types of windows to install in a Pacific Northwest home should be not only tempered but also moisture-resistant (vinyl, wood-resin composites, fiberglass, etc).  High heat resistance (U-values at 0.3 or below) help to optimize insulation.  Soft and fast growing wood, like pine, is very popular today (and for good reason) but probably won’t serve you well in this moist climate as it has low rot-resistance.

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The Southwest region can be a fickle one, going from hot and dry summers to cool winters.  Thus, windows with excellent solar heat resistance is a must for surviving summers in this region.  Choose windows with spectrally selective coatings, too, as it will allow more visible light to pass through the glass while also blocking heat.  Try to avoid single pane windows, though, as they offer little in terms of heat resistance and insulation.


Living in the Midwest you experience torrential rainstorms and fast winds. This is where tornadoes touch ground; summers are hot and winters can reach subzero temperatures.  As such, you want windows with high heat resistance and excellent insulation.  Depending on the wind factor, you might want to consider casement windows as they consistently perform better in windy conditions. Avoid conductive window frames (like aluminum) as they transfer thermal energy. Obviously, you should stay away from single pane windows, too, but make sure that double-pane windows have insulative gas filling and/or low-emissivity coatings.


For this region, double-hung windows serve you best.  High quality wood windows offer low thermal conductivity and can last for many decades.  On the other hand, if yours is an older home, you might want to replace historic hardwood windows with newer ones.


This part of the United States sees lots of tropical sun exposure and trade winds so a basic double-pane gas-filled vinyl window should provide enough insulation in the mild winters while still offering great comfort in the humid summers.  If you live along the coast, opt for aluminum frames as they are best against hurricanes.


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