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The Best Way to Undertake Deck Refinishing

Having a deck at your home adds a practical space which can be used for a variety of outdoor activities.  It is commonly used as a space for entertaining or even just to chill out and enjoy watching the sunset and consequent star gazing.

But a deck is much more than this; it is an extension to your home; it can be crafted into a unique shape, have a feature built in or even be created on different levels.  In fact, a good deck will add value to your home.

However, no matter how good your deck is there will be a time when you need to complete some maintenance work and will be glad for the opportunity to do some deck refinishing.  In fact, this should be seen as an important part of your regular maintenance schedule.

To ensure your deck refinishing is completed properly you should follow these steps:

Check the Deck

The first thing you will need to do is look at your deck, and assess how bad it is.  You should also take note of any spots which will need extra attention.

In addition, you should be looking to see if any parts of the deck are becoming loose; or the boards are starting to lift.  Rotting wood is especially important to look for.  

Anything you find which needs to be repaired should be seen too before you continue with your deck refinishing.

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The second and perhaps most important step is to clean the deck.  You have two choices to clean the dirt and residue from your deck boards.  You will either need to use a pressure washer or a chemical solution and a scrubbing brush.

There are plenty of mixtures available to buy which will promise to assist you in effortlessly cleaning your deck.  If you prefer the idea of a pressure washer for your deck refinishing project then you must be careful with the approach you take.

If your pressure washer is too powerful you will etch the wood.  If it is not powerful enough then you will not actually remove any or very little dirt.  To make sure you get the balance right start on an area that will not be noticed and take your time!


To ensure you get a really good finish it is advisable to sand you deck.  This will ensure all splinters and uneven surfaces are removed leaving you ready to complete your deck refinishing to a professional standard.


It is always better to either stain your deck the same color before or a darker shade; this will help to ensure your stain covers evenly.  If this is not possible you will need to make sure all traces of the old stain are removed before you start.

It is important to choose a medium sized brush with good quality bristles and apply your stain slowly.   This will help to make sure you have an even coat and the finish looks fantastic.

Then step back and enjoy your completed deck refinishing project!


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