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The advantages of having a wood stove

Over centuries fireplaces have been the heart of a household, satisfying the habitants who seek comfort in the undeniable charm of a nice warm fire. Even though people are still drawn to the traditional appeal to open fire, a wood stove has become a smart alternative since heat can be used more efficient this way. Despite the new energies wood stoves have been observed to enjoy big popularity lately and turned into a must-have rustic centrepiece for modern homes. The cosy feeling of home heating that a traditional wood stove creates will help anybody to get through cold winter nights.

There are two main types of wood stoves available, either free-standing ones that will heat up a single room or wet stoves with a built-in boiler that will heat water and can be connected to the central heating system. Whether a dry or a wet stove, by heating with wood great savings are sure to be made as it is much cheaper than ordinary fossil fuels.

Besides the money-saving aspect, the use of wood for heating a home is considered to be carbon neutral and has very low emissions regarding the environment. A wood stove can also be used economically for cooking. There are certain manufacturers that have maintained the look of traditional wood stoves but enjoy today’s technology to cater any craving whether it’s just cosiness or a heartwarming delicious casserole.

If you are looking for a stylish, affordable and environmentally friendly way to heat your home this winter, look no further than a wood stove. Read on to learn more about the advantages of having a wood stove.

Creates ambience

Out of tradition, people love to snuggle up to the cosy atmosphere of fire. A wood stove is a great way to provide this homely ambience when spending quality family time together or have some alone time with your favourite book and a glass of red.

Individual placement

A free-standing dry wood stove can be placed anywhere in the home adding character and style to any room or space. With styles ranging from classic to contemporary, there are plenty of options available for you to buy a wood stove which matches the décor of your home.

Heat efficiency

The quality of heat a wood stove gives off through secondary and tertiary burning has an efficiency rate of up to 70% compared to an open fireplace or central heating with just around 32%, making it an incredible heat source.

Environmental friendly

Using firewood as a heat source is very eco-friendly as fuel such as logs, chips and pellets are widely available, as well as renewable and sustainable. The carbon dioxide given off during the burning process is roughly equivalent to the one absorbed by the tree during its growth. Hence a wood stove can help towards an environmental goal.

Economical heating

With energy prices constantly on the rise, firewood expenses remain relatively stable and make it an inexpensive fuel source compared to oil, gas or electricity. Wood stove owners have stated they saved up to 50% on energy bills by fuelling their home with wood. A stove might, therefore, be a very economical investment to cut back on energy bills.

Reliable source

Firewood is a 100% self- contained heat source. No matter what state you live in, a wood stove will always heat up your home despite the occasional power outages in winter due to flooding and freezing conditions outside.

Cooking convenience

Some wood stove models don’t just emit heat to warm up their surrounding, and they even come with a stove top to cook up endless varieties of traditional meals to further warm you up inside.


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