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Some Common Harmful Pests That Can Ruin Your Home

North Carolina State University researchers have recently made an attempt to estimate the number of insect like species found at our home. Their study was based on 50 North Carolina houses. They identified 579 types of species belonging to 304 families. They found no detectable arthropods in only five out of 554 rooms.

It’s not surprising that no matter how much secured your home is, insects are expert at invading it. Surprisingly, we know very little about our roommates. Arthropods are the most successful organisms found on the planet earth. They are also of the most diverse type and able to adapt quickly to the changing environment.

Here are some most common types of insects living at our home.

Termites: According to a revelation by the National Port Management Association, they cause huge damage worth $5 billion every year in the USA. The most frustrating reality is damage done by them are not covered by insurance company. An expert’s help is necessary to get rid of this harmful insect.

Carpenter Ants: They don’t feed on wood. However, they have well-muscled jaws that can make hollows in lumber or solid pine for nesting. Though not all states in the USA have problems with carpenter ants, still these are considered damaging to wood.

Powderpost Beetles:  They give the homeowners bad headache and not for wrong reasons. They have different species and Lyctid beetle is one type that causes damage to only hardwood. They infest flooring, doors, cabinets, moulding and your hardwood furniture. They produce fine sawdust and it is the indication that they have been sharing home with you. Most of the times, these beetles infest the newly built home. If you are worried about beetles’ infestation, the most pragmatic and less-expensive option is to change the infested wood.

Mice & Rats: They cannot be categorized under the head of insects. However, without any doubt, they are among the most damaging elements living with us at our home. A little mouse urinates 3,000 micro droplets every day. The urine has both viruses and bacteria. You can find the mice frolicking at your kitchen, wardrobe, and food cupboards. In other words, they are everywhere. It will be foolish of you to ignore them and take no step to get rid of these little harmful creatures.

Honey Bees:  If they manage to make an entry into your home, you don’t have an idea about how much damage they are capable of doing. They will create a colony consisting of 30, 000 bees if allowed into your home. The colony, better known as hive, continues to grow. If the hive is destroyed, honey and melted wax will be leaked.

Indoor Ants: They are not damaging, but you will surely not like the idea of sharing your home with them. Most of the homeowners use sprays to eliminate them from home.

Cockroaches: They make your home unhealthy. Living with them under the same roof is nauseating. According to experts, the children growing up at home infested by cockroaches are more prone to asthma or allergies. You must make a vigorous effort to drive them out of your home and keep them at bay.

Make sure to hire a Barrier Pest Control service provider to keep your home clean of these harmful elements.


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