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See the world with new angle with best OLED television

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Experience the new world technology

OLED is a technology that is exploding in popularity at the moment. Current predictions have the number of choices. So what is driving that massive swing in demand? Traditionally this televisions have priced themselves out of the market, with LCD displays being a far more affordable option for most. However, the price in displays has now reached the point where they are affordable enough to fit into the budgets of people looking for a superior viewing experience. There are 5 areas where OLED TV, as technology, completely outperforms what LCD displays can achieve, and these come together to result in panels that offer better visual fidelity for regular television viewing, home cinema, and gaming.

Have the better contrast

This is especially true for black display. Because the pixels are self-emitting, and therefore each of them are able to be switched completely off, it is possible for panel to display a true, pure black. Combined with a rich colour gamut, which good panels will offer, the contrast ratios – the single most important factor when it comes to image quality – are exceptional. LCD displays, which cannot turn pixels off unless the screen itself is switched off, can only manufacture black through artificial use of colour, and this in turn hurts the panel’s ability to display a deep, rich contrast.

Sharper, cleaner and better quality

Each pixel within display can be controlled individually, meaning that when you start moving into high resolutions (such as the 4K panels that are standard for technology now), there is a sharper, crisper image displayed. This is such a key feature of the technology that it is the name itself –it refers to “Organic Light Emitting Diode”. It is a native advantage that all panels that use the technology have over all LCD displays.

Wider view angle with best displaying an image

This makes them much easier to build a lounge room around. People can comfortably watch the television on multiple sofas and chairs in the living room, and will be able to enjoy the screen all at the same time.  Panel has a response rate of less than one millisecond, which is important in keeping blurring down on screen. As a result, fast action sequences in movies are displayed more crisply. This is also an important feature when it comes to gaming. When you are playing a game that features fast action, any lag between the buttons you are pressing on the controller and the response appearing on-screen can ruin the overall experience of the game. Gamers have traditionally struggled to find LCD screens that can meet their needs because lag is an inevitable consequence of the base technology, but they are far better fit for this purpose. 


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