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Seasonal Tips for Springtime Tree Care

We all love the lush, green boughs of our trees in the summer, but they don’t always arrive naturally on their own. The most beautiful trees in the city receive essential care at the start of the spring so they can have months of healthy growth. To make sure your trees are prepared for the upcoming summer, set an appointment with a professional arborist Edmonton homeowners trust. Reliable tree care companies can make sure your trees are on track to being healthy.


But why not DIY? It’s a common question many homeowners ask themselves if they have the time on a weekend to spare. But it’s not just time that’s at stake when you prune branches or fertilize roots. You should also think about safety issues before you take on any maintenance task. Arborists are trained to diagnose problems, and they know how to use the appropriate equipment safely in order to provide results. Without the same experience, you may accidentally do more harm than good to your trees, and if you attempt to take on the taller limbs without safety rigging, you may just put your home and body at risk!

Healthy Trees Mean Healthy Growth

Unnecessary or dead branches reduce the efficiency in which your trees distribute nutrients. While dead wooding your trees doesn’t pose a huge risk at any point during the year, pruning vibrantly growing branches can damage your trees or even kill them.Opening up wounds in an actively growing tree can cause them to become diseased or infested with damaging insects when done incorrectly. Sometimes you may have no choice, but given the alternative, it is better to have a full prune and inspection done by a knowledgeable arborist before spring growth starts.

Haphazardly cutting branches is not the proper way to prune a tree for healthy growth. Arborists are trained to know what to trim and how to trim it correctly. A systematic springtime prune and removal of deadwood will prepare your trees for a summer of healthy growth.A crew of arborists, like the team that make up Chipps Tree Care in Edmonton, have the answers to a variety of concerns. Their tree care knowledge allows them provide nutrients at the right time, prune in a way that encourages growth, and remove limbs that threaten the integrity of the tree.

Trees don’t just enhance the aesthetic beauty of your property; they also add value to your home. Scheduling a professional springtime checkup with an arborist Edmonton homeowners trust can ensure these assets continue to thrive on your property for years to come.


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