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Hazardous events totally exist in every workplace and do come in many different forms, this hazards may be in a form of sharp edges and falling objects, also maybe in the form of liquids like dangerous chemicals; and could also include impact from loud noises from different machines and equipment.

A lot of workers experience nearly millions of cases of disabling injuries or even death; it is no surprise that there are a lot of risks for workers in different industries. Every year there are so many cases of injuries took place of which affected the head, eyes, hands and feet the most.

So to keep workers safe, protected and also help prevent these disabling injuries, companies supplied them with the right protective equipment or also can be calledPersonal safety and protective gears. These includes safety eyeglasses and safety goggles for the eyes, safety vests for the upper body, safety gloves for the hands, safety shoes for the feet and safety head gears for the workers’ precious heads.

What arePersonal Safety and Protective gears?

Workplaces have different kinds of safety equipment depending on the areas and specializations. So what sets personal safety / protective gears apart? Basically, the main difference is that this gear, unlike other safety equipment, is worn by the workers at the workplace. They wore it in their workplace, to mainly protect their bodies. While other safety equipment or machines like the ventilation systems, machine guards, and smoke detectors all make the workplace safer. As indicated above, a worker’s personal safety and protective gears include items such as safety gloves, safety vests, safety shoes, safety goggles, respirators, earplugs, and hard hats.

Many employers make every effort to avoid and lessen hazards by using engineering controls and safe work system, though it is hard to avoid, it is somehow possible to eliminate workplace hazards entirely. To do this, the workers should be wearing personal safety and protective gears that can greatly reduce the risk of illness and injury even in the presence of various contaminants found in the air, corrosive chemicals, and manufacturing equipment. But of course, proper use of these personal safety and protective gears should be explained and guidelines should be followed in order to make sure that it is used correctly. For example, safety eyeglasses or safety goggles should fit on the eyes, especially those with suctions; safety gloves should fit the hands for proper grip; or safety vests should fit the and cover the upper body of the worker. That is why guidelines and instructions are also very important before using these items.

What are Personal Safety and Protective Gears Guidelines?

Workers must understand when and wherepersonal safety and protective gears should be used. It is critical to a workplace to have safety features, but it is still one of the least effective ways of controlling the risks associated with dangers. Therefore, personal safety and protective gears should always be used when there are no other practical control measures are available. These guidelines will show for what these safety gears are for and when and where it is suitable to use.

What Is A Suitable Personal Safety and Protective Gears?

The type of personal safety and protective gears that should be used will always vary depending on the job. When assessing its suitability, the worker should consider the following:

What are the requirements for a particular work?

How can a specific personal safety and protective gears protect the workers from various risks that they may encounter?

Is it appropriate, especially when given the environmental conditions?

Will using this personal safety and protective gears produce or introduce any new risks?

Can this personal safety and protective gears be adjusted to fit suitably?

So choosing a safety equipment doesn’t only mean wearing these safety eyeglasses, safety gloves, safety vest or safety shoes, it also depends on how knowledgeable the workers are in terms of how it is used and which are appropriate to use.



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