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Roller Shutters Are The Safest Choice

When it comes to versatility, you can’t beat roller shutters. They offer a cost-effective method to secure your home while adding style to your security solution. Roller shutters are horizontal bars (known as slats) secured by a common thread on both sides. The thread makes the whole system retractable. You can install a lever system to automate your shutters. That way, you can open or close them with a single button or dial. So, why are roller shutters the safest choice?

There is a wide range of materials that can be used to construct them. On glass windows, you can use a Aluminium roller shutter for privacy. Garage doors and commercial window displays require a more secure option. The slats on your roller shutters can be constructed from stainless steel and other materials that are resistant to security breaches.

One particularly effective option is to use padded metal slats. These slats have insulation foam sandwiched between two layers of aluminium. This triple layered shutter is impossible to break through and will protect you not just from burglars, but from storms, tornadoes, and bushfires as well.

Shutters are constructed to automatically lock when you pull them into their bottom latch. If you are not working with an automated security system, you can opt for a large padlock to make it increasingly harder for criminals to access your home. Padlocks can be secured on the inside or outside of the door, sometimes both.

Automation is a key safety factor for roller shutters. While it can certainly be convenient, it can be a security risk if the wrong person gets their hands on the remote control. Once you lower the shutters, secure them with a secondary security measure, such as a padlock.

The reflex action is to store the remote control near the shutters, in plain sight and within easy reach. After all, we all know the agony of hunting for your remote. However, this can be disastrous. If someone is ‘casing’ your house, they would see the remote and might steal or clone it. Instead, agree on a specific location like a special drawer. That way, all the people that matter know where it is, but it’s still safe from unwanted eyes and undesirable elements.

Most roller shutter systems can be conveniently rolled into a single spool. This spool is firm enough to hold several kilograms of metal and foam, but flexible enough to tuck into a pelmet box. During the day, your slats stay safely out of sight. Again, this can be helpful in deterring burglars that might be exploring entry points, because the shutters won’t be visible.

On the other hand, the lightweight nature of roller shutters can prevent you from damaging property if it’s accidentally lowered on some furniture or merchandise. It’s still pretty heavy though, so be careful to keep your limbs out of the way when you’re raising it or lowering it.

If you choose to go with a strictly automated system, there’s an overlooked advantage. In many ways, it is more difficult to break into a security system that has no physical key. Unlike manual security systems, there is no lock to pick or keys to steal. The door can only be opened by a user that has access to the authorised remote control system. As long as your passwords are strong and circulated strictly to key staff, you’re safe.

Regarding convenience, there are few security systems that are better than an automated roller shutter door. This is especially true for garages which require the locking mechanism to work from both sides of the door. If you have an access door that links your garage to the main house, then an automated roller shutter system is the best option for you.

You can open your garage door from the outside – without exiting your car – and lock it when you have safely parked your car in the garage. You won’t have to leave the car and go back outside to lock the garage. Doing this can be risky if someone is watching the house and has mastered your routine. It’s better to have a system that allows you to stay safely behind your locked doors.


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