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Now Cooling Accompanies a Great Style and Finish with a 4 Blade Ceiling Fan

From the last decade, ceiling fans have improved a lot from technicalities to mechanically. They save the electrical bill drastically in comparison with air conditioners as some of the fans only consume power like a 60 watts bulb. Maximum of the fans are found with three blades in Asian countries but when you look at us countries the number of blades there are is four. The reason behind this is the four blades circulate more amount of air in less time and due to the huge size, they move a little slower than general three blades one. Along with air circulation nowadays the fans are used for interior decorating purposes also. They are of various designs and shades and also have a huge number of accessories to fit in.

Different Kits for Ceiling Fans

Casual retro, remote control, and general 3 blades one- they can vary a lot from designs to speed and functionalities. Some are priced very high as they are specially used as a part of home décor and the traditional ones are cheap in comparison to their minimalistic designs. Some have unique glass designs all over some has a matte finish and some have golden carvings. You can also choose from different shades and patterns as per the home interior. Some come with equipped chandeliers and some come with different lights and projectors. Different designs of light kits are available in the market as per the indoor and outdoor requirements.


They can be of different sizes; some can be small in size and some can be of 36-48 inches. From nickel finish to sleek paint job you can find anything as you want. Some come with preloaded light kits and in some, you can fire light bulbs like CFL or other energy efficient bulbs as per your preference. The lights can also be controlled wirelessly in some high ends fans from dimming the light intensity to power on or off – you can do it all lying in your bed. Some can also be controlled with pulling chain like the traditional ones for the antique feel.

Different Features of the 4 blade ceiling fans

These 4 blades fan are capable of more than you can ever think. They come with endless attachments for designing purposes along with smart technical features. Some of the features are:

  • Optimal air circulation all over the room
  • Is capable of decreasing the room temperate up to 7 degrees
  • Balanced torque and induction solution for low sound
  • Précised blade angle so that it doesn’t wobble while spinning
  • Energy efficient than air conditioners
  • Brushed with metal so that they can be rust free for a long period
  • Low powered Led for energy saving
  • Can be mounted anywhere you want if you have space in that area
  • Can also be controlled by mobile phones

Why is this better?

These fans are more powerful and stunning in design and look that other traditional one. If the size of the area you want to cover is big then the small fans won’t be able to do that you will obviously need a bigger one. Along with an exotic body, the performance of the motor also varies. They are far more durable than the 3 blades one. You can also choose the number of bulbs on your fan blade. The bulbs can be anything from fluorescent to non-florescent.

Companies such as Havells, Atomberg etc make different types of 4 four blade ceiling fans and they also design some as per your preference. You don’t have to think about the quality of the product as it checked multiple no of times for the quality assurance so you hurry and buy it now.



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