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Make Your House Look More Appealing With Antique Rugs And Floor Carpets

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When it come about decorating your house then numerous things are available in market which you can prefer buying. In fact, many fashion are there which come and go but some of them remain staple and stay around forever. Rugs are one of them and are in great demand these days. They are used from Bronze Age and with change in time many changes have come in its designs and patterns. Rugs are basically floor carpets which can be used for covering house space. They are durable and flexible because of which rugs are worth investing in. In fact, rugs can be best piece of art on which you can sleep, eat, dance and drink. Overall, they do not only complete room but also add an unique appeal that can make room more attractive.

A huge variety of luxury rugs are available in market and at online sites as well. Not only this, there are several shopping sites which offer rugs for sample. By shopping online you will enjoy an array of products and moreover can save your energy and money. The main benefit of ordering a rug sample is that you can overcome doubts about quality of a product before you make any final decision. This will even help in eliminating risk of investing money in low quality product. Along with this, you will also get a chance to see product, feel its softness, texture, purity and above all can notice whether or not it is same from the shown product. No matter what type of rug you choose for your home you can be sure that you will need good rug care in order to maintain it well and use it for long.

Different types of rugs

Different type of area rugs are available these days, out of which some are handmade while other are machine manufactured. Along with enhancing functionality, it also provide an aesthetical appeal. So, here are some of the best rugs styles which you can buy.

Hand tufted rugs: This type of rug is very similar to loomed rugs but is built in some different style. Instead of starting with wrap it starts with foundation cloth and then weft is made by looping. Foundation cloth is basically pre-woven square shape cloth which is hung and then stretched tight. After this, tufting gun is used for making patterns and designs, then yarn is shot and shaved after which you get beautiful rug.

Armenian rugs: These are early and most valuable rugs which are still available in market. Armenian rugs was coveted by social historians and travelers and they often have designs of serpents, eagles and dragons as recurring theme. Woven structure of Armenian rugs is very similar to style of curtains and even they are especially made to compliment curtains.

Pile rugs:  Hand loomed rugs, hand knotted rugs, hand tufted rugs, hand hooked rugs are all pile rugs. Hand knotted rug is one of the best pile rugs which is not only affordable but durable as well. It is made by tying millions of knots together and giving it shape of a carpet. In fact, it is the main reason because of which this type of rug last for hundred years.


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