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Life saving cleaning service

I think it was approximately 3 months ago. My parents had taken a vacation. In this case, I was left home alone. It was a 1 month vacation and I was planning to enjoy being alone. There wasn’t a problem during the first week. Everything went fine. Thereafter, I started inviting my friends over to my home. Parties, games, everything was fine. So, everything was going fine. Until that day came.

One day we were having a party again. We were enjoying cocktails and drinks. The carpets of our living room were white which is a very risky color and that day we were drinking red wine. We were approximately 15 people and none of us was sober. Everyone was drunk somewhere and everyone slept at a corner. It was the morning when I wake up and I could not believe in my eyes. Let alone the general filth of the house. My eyes were focused on the carpet. Our white carpets were all red. I was in shock because my mother used to love that carpet, I cannot even imagine what could happen if they saw the house at that moment. I also understood the situation afterwards. Wine was poured on our white carpet. I woke everyone up and sent them out of the house. Then when I was brooding over what to do, I remembered Justmop which is a cleaning company in Dubai that some people I know were talking about. I wondered if they were doing any carpet cleaning? I entered their websites immediately and contacted them. They came home not before long and they started working.


Many thanks Justmop

I was really happy when I saw that there is a carpet cleaning service on Justmop website. They saved me from a very difficult situation. I left home when they came and my anxious waiting started. Maybe it would not have been so bad if something else spilled on the floor. However, since wine stain is a stain difficult to remove, it was rather difficult to be removed and everything could go wrong and te stain would have stayed there. The problem is that my mother had purchased that carpet from India and I could not have replaced it.

Approximately 4 hours passed. The concerned personnel of Justmop cleaning services called me. They said that the carpet cleaning is over and everything is fine and I can come and see it. I was in shock, how could that stain be removed so quickly? I immediately went home and I saw that the carpet was even cleaner than before. Thank you Justmop…


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