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Learning the Different Pros and Cons of Gated Communities

When hearing about gated communities, there might be several things running through your mind such as those related to costs, defense, security, and even the element of exclusivity. Are you also stirred in thinking what might lie beyond those huge gates?

In this post, you will be able to explore more about gated communities. We’ll tackle about the different pros and cons of a gated community.

Gated Communities Explained

Gated communities are also known as walled communities or guard-gated communities. These are modern types of residential or housing communities that can control the ingress and egress of people.

These communities may have several amenities that people living in the area can share among themselves. There are a number of gated communities in the Triangle that share the same description — they have a variety of amenities such as pools, fitness centers, and even golf courses.

While they may seem like the better choice compared to gated communities, gated communities can have different pros and cons for different people. Below are some of the pros and cons of a gated community.

What are the pros of gated communities?

  1. Gated communities give you a high level of security and privacy.

Security and privacy are some of the most common reasons why people live in a gated community. Additionally, this kind of community can give you a strong sense of privacy.

  1. Gated communities are traffic-free.

People living in other communities usually worry about their children playing outside their homes. Gated communities make sure that the streets are safe for children and adults since there are car speed policies within the neighborhood.

  1. Gated communities have well-maintained areas.

People living in gated communities have well-maintained areas and they have high standards when it comes to ensuring the quality of their homes. Moreover, the houses in a gated community surely follow the standard building regulations. Places of residences are also easier to find since the streets have proper labels. Houses also have clear numbers and codes.

What are the cons of gated communities?

  1. Gated communities come with expensive prices.

It is true that gated communities are expensive. On top of that, a resident in this neighborhood will also need to pay Homeowners Association fees on a regular basis. Nonetheless, these fees will cover the expenses for security concerns, guards’ salaries, and road maintenance.

  1. Gated communities make your visitors wait before they can get in.

Gated communities let your visitors wait until the guards were able to contact you and confirm their agenda. Unless you call ahead of time and give the list of your expected visitors, the guards would not let them inside the neighborhood premises. It only becomes a hassle should you have an unexpected visitor coming over.

Final thoughts

Security-wise, living in gated communities is certainly nice. Gated communities may come with extra fees, but they also come with additional advantages. They can increase your security, convenience, and your everyday life as a whole.


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