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Is Pest Control Dangerous For Your Home Contractors?


Are you currently in the process of building a new home or property? Pest control is vital for building sites, to ensure your new property doesn’t have a pest infestation before you’ve even set foot inside.

But is pest control going to be dangerous to your contractors? The last thing you want is to put anyone in danger.

The good news is, your contractors could actually be doing your pest control for you as they work!

Here are some top tips for your contractors to take on board.

  1. Building sites have a lot of rubbish lying around. Try to encourage your home contractors to keep throwing things away. Provide them with bins that can be sealed tightly, and make sure the lids are on at all times. This will keep pests like ants away from your home, and will minimise the risk of an infestation.
  2. Inspect the work your contractors are doing frequently. If you’re having new foundations put in, check around to see if any pests have found their way in. Your home is the perfect place for pests to hide out. If you give them easy access, they will find their way in.
  3. Hire some landscapers to go along with your contractors. The outside of your home needs looking after too. Trees and bushes should always be cut back to stop pests using them as an access route.
  4. Ask your contractors to fix any cracks or entry points around your new structure. Doing so will prevent pests from entering the property. The foreman on your construction job should be doing regular inspections and reporting back to you daily on all progress. Try asking them to keep an eagle eye out for damages.
  5. Resist using natural products around your building as much as you can. Having contractors on site will encourage pests in the first place. So stick to pest free options like gravel and rock instead of wood (it will also stop infestations in the future).

If you’re worried about pest control in your home, call in the professionals. Check out http://www.empirepestcontrol.co.uk for some really good advice on what to expect from good pest control experts. Their website has some of the best advice on pest prevention, including when your home is under construction. You may want to hire a pest control contractor to make sure your home is pest free during construction.


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