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Interesting Ideas That Will Transform Your Kitchen

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Maybe you’re dying to make some change in your kitchen but you do not have a budget and start a remodeling now, it scares you! It is logical, but there are changes that are not so expensive, nor does it take much time to put them into practice. So, why not launch kitchen this fall? Painting furniture of another color, placing wallpaper on a wall or changing the floor to give a new look to this area of ​​the home are some of the changes that will transform your kitchen from night to morning. Do you want to know these and other ideas? Do not miss it! Our kitchen remodeling northern VA offers a quick and swift service.

Wallpaper On The Wall

This may be one of the simplest and, at the same time, most effective changes when transforming a kitchen. Changing the wallpaper on the wall or placing a new one in an area where there were previously some horrible tiles can be impressive. 

There are vinyl papers that are very easy to apply and very easy to clean: simply using a damp cloth and a little soap is enough. And the most interesting: the wallpaper will allow you to cover the wall imperfections like holes or stains that can not be removed. Thanks to the variety of models that exist in the market you can get a spectacular kitchen.

Renew Kitchen Furniture with Paint

If you decide to paint the furniture you will have a completely renovated kitchen, so it is a very good idea to transform your kitchen into a weekend. Of course, it is important to follow several tips so that the result is really beautiful. 

To begin, you must remove all traces of grease that are on the furniture; then, you have to sand them well ; apply a “sealing primer” , a product that is added so that the paint adheres for longer and does not rise; subsequently, the paint must be applied(usually with two hands is sufficient), and finally, a paint protector must be added to the last longer. If you dare, you will be surprised by the result!

Add Shelves

Tired of not finding anything and that all the utensils are on the kitchen counter? You can solve this problem by adding some shelves on the wall, which will allow you to have everything neat and handy. Doing it is very simple, you just have to choose the shelves, which can be made of wood or other material, and cut them to fit the space you have. A good anchor to the wall will keep them fixed.


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