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How You Can Care Better For Upholstered Furniture!

Upholstered furniture can redefine the look of your interiors, but maintenance and upkeep remain a challenge for homeowners. While you can follow the general care instructions, it is never enough. No wonder, people like to hire professional cleaners.

Cleaning upholstery

Materials like leather and suede can last for years with good car, while upholstery that’s similar to carpet need more attention. Carpets usually work like a gatherer of dust, mites and all sorts of unwanted particles, and if unchecked, these pollutants can cause serious health problems. If you have pets at home, you need to be even more cautious. There are two options of getting carpet cleaning services – regular cleaning and periodical cleaning. Periodical cleaning is recommended at least once in every six months for every home.

Finding a service

Known companies such as Royal Nettoyage also offer other services like air duct cleaning and carpet cleaning, which can be a big advantage. However, when it comes to cleaning upholstery, experience and expertise matters the most. If a company is claiming big things about their work, make sure that you ask for references. Some of the basic things must be checked. For example, is the company licensed? Do they have liability insurance to cover for on-work damages? Do they offer a service guarantee? What kind of additional assistance do they offer? Are they certified? Are the technicians and cleaners trained? What kind of supplies do they use? Do they have a physical office? These are just some of the important aspects that need attention.

Comparing prices

You will come across numerous ads and offers for home cleaning, but choosing a service is not about the price alone. Ideally, it’s best to choose experience and goodwill over big offers. Of course, you have to get a quote in advance. The quote should include all the possible inclusions along with the relevant terms and conditions. For comparing services better, you need to understand the highlights of each. For example, one company might offer a 30% off on your first cleaning order, but they are not available on weekends. If you are a working professional, the offer will make no sense, since you cannot stay at home on weekdays.

Consider all the smaller things mentioned above before taking a call. As for the cleaning process, it is important to check that the supplies are safe for kids and pets and will not damage the concerned material.


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