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How To Wash Pillow Cover The Right Way

Pillow cover is not only a decorative accessory but also plays a vital role in comfortable sleeping. Clean pillow cover is always important for sound health and sleep as well. You must clean your pillow cover regularly to stay healthy. Cleaning the pillows is not a hard task, but people feel repulsion on cleaning pillow. This happens because of some common issue. However, I will try to list them together to assist you to clean your cover effortlessly. Following these tips, you can easily clean any pillow cover easily and make them more comfortable for you.

The size of the pillow is always important to you because you have to make a plan based on the size of the pillow and this will help you clean your pillow properly. Depending on your pillow type, you have to take action. This will be a clever work if you make a plan and clean your pillow cover regular basis. If possible, you can clean it weekly to keep your pillow healthy. This is not mandatory that you have to wash your pillow regularly, but you can clean it using dry cloth regularly. This will remove all dirt from your pillow and keep it safe for you.

Ways To Clean Pillow Cover or Pillow Case

Type of Cleaning: You can clean your pillow either way by removing the cover or without removing the cover. You have to decide what type of cleaning you are going to perform and then you have to take action based on that decision. If you are want to clean your pillow without removing the pillow, then you have to use dry clean cloth or broom to clean your pillow. This you can do when your pillow is not that much dirt and bound to wash. You should clean your covers regularly using a broom to keep it safe and comfortable.

Make it Dry Regularly: You should keep your pillow dry always and place it in dry sunlight at least in a week. This will kill all the bacteria and other harmful insects from your pillow. Many small insect or bacteria attack on a pillow that is harmful to the body. So you have to be careful about this type of harmful insects and keep your pillow covers in sunlight every week. Try to ensure pillows are in high sunlight for a long time to remove harmful insects from your pillow.

Understanding The Type Of Cloth: Understanding the type of cloth of pillow is always important. Few pillow cover you can clean without washing, but few cover you must have to wash to clean them properly. If you don’t understand the type of cloth, then you will experience many negative issues. If you understand the type of cloth, you can easily clean them properly. Also, you can clean them in minimum possible time. This will save your time and ensure better cleaning as well. You can consult with a specialist to understand the cloth type and clean them more conveniently.

Wash The Cloth Once A Week: You should wash your pillow cover regular by maintaining a routine. Try to wash the pillow cover at least once a week. This will help you remove all kind of dirt from the cover completely. This will also make the cover shiny and bright as well. To make the cover look like new, you must wash them regularly with a proper routine. You can use detergent or mild soap to clean pillow cover. Detergent always helps to remove any kind of dirt from any cloth or metal. So you can use detergent in your cleaning.

Cleaning Foam Pillow: If you are using foam pillow, then you have to be very careful while cleaning the pillow. You must remove the pillow cover completely and then clean it using your own method. Don’t wash the foam pillow, because this will hamper your pillow.

Final Words: Cleaning a pillow or pillow cover is not hard, but people don’t feel interested to clean the pillow cover regularly. There are multiple reasons behind the repulsion. But I listed few important steps that will help you clean your pillow completely. So you should read and apply the steps to clean your pillow.


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