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How to Clean Cultured Stone Veneer

Stone veneer is also referred to as Cultured Stone Veneer and it is usually used to develop a decorative look for the interior and exterior of buildings. Stone veneer is made using stones that emanate from quarries to develop a natural appearance. Whatever purpose it is used for, it will have to be cleaned from time to time to ensure that the veneer is free from damage.

A bucket and hose is used in cleaning the cultured stone that is used in the exterior of buildings. Clean the surface with a brush that has soft bristle before you rinse it off with clean fresh water. If the stone that needs to be clean is on the inside of the building, a bucket of water and some mild soap will be required. Use a cloth to wash the surface of the stone and rinse it immediately after washing.  Do not use any product that contains acid.

The appearance of cultured stone comprises of dyes, stone aggregates and lightweight cement. It is often said that most cultured stone sellers offer 50 years guarantee against wear and tear. Products of Cultured stone can be designed to suit the type of stone surface you have chosen; they are particularly more durable and striking than products of real stone for fireplace projects. There is also the added pleasure of lesser cost.  

Even though stone cladding adds beauty and value to your office or home, it can be very difficult to maintain. If you take good care of the cladding, it appearance will be as good as new for a very long time. Not all type of cladding requires sealing, but if you live in a coastal area, the cladding should be sealed directly after installation. This should be done to protect the stone against sea air and elements that will give rise to discoloration with time.

If you intend to use stone cladding in places where it will be exposed to lots of water, you should also ensure that it is properly sealed. Examples of high water exposure areas include rock pools, around a pool, and water features.

It is much easier to take care of veneers which are installed indoors. All that you need do is use water and a mild cleaner but ensure that the cleaner does not have any trace of acid because acid-based detergents will cause the veneer to become damaged and discolored. Use minimal water and a soft cloth to wipe the stone veneer. A feather duster can also be useful in removing the dirt on the cladding on the interior of buildings.

Ensuring that exterior cultured stone veneers are kept clean requires that you use a little more elbow grease. If you use apply a soft brush to remove the excess dirt regularly, there will be no problem of maintaining the amazing look of your outdoor cladding.

Shouldice Designer Stone offers a lifetime Warranty with the condition that the initial purchaser will own the product, the products are used in compliance with the local building codes and the cultured stone veneer are installed in accordance to cultured stone installation guidelines and specifications.

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