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How Owning a Website Can Boost Your Gardening Business

The effectiveness of traditional marketing approaches has been in decline for years now while digital marketing keeps getting stronger. The reasons for this are numerous. First of all, the availability of high speed internet through smartphones and Wi-Fi has allowed us to browse the web from virtually anywhere at almost no cost. Furthermore, you have more control and get a lot more data out of your online marketing efforts than with any other kind of marketing approach.

Any business can benefit from having a constant connection with their customers and numbers that indicate the success of their campaign. As far as gardening businesses are concerned, there are some specific benefits you can take advantage of if you own a well-crafted website.

Branding opportunities

While most gardening businesses will choose to push their branding efforts through flyers, a sign on their van and similar things, owning a website allows businesses to really showcase their skills and philosophy. As a unified design from which all other digital marketing efforts stem from, your website can serve as the main branding tool which allows you to develop customer loyalty, trust and you can build your brand up as an industry expert.


Most people underestimate the power of blogging since they don’t understand how far running a good blog can take you. A great blog serves the primary purpose of helping you educate your customers about how they should maintain their garden and keep it healthy and flourishing. It also allows you to share the methods and approaches you use and explain why they are effective. Great content will help you build up more traffic on your website, make it visible in search engine results, and give you ammunition for social media sharing.

A well-established blog offers opportunities for monetization. Advertising comes to mind first but you can also get paid for guest contributions and a lot of other things. It takes time to get things rolling but it is more than worth the effort.

Online portfolio

While you can carry your portfolio scrapbook with you and showcase your work to prospecting customers, it is a more practical way to let them browse your galleries on your website at their leisure. Here, there is no time for limitation.

When showing your portfolio in person, you always have to restrain yourself and avoid being pushy. Online, they can view everything at their own time and decide on its worth. Furthermore, you need to get in contact with a potential client in order to show them your portfolio book. On the other hand, if you advertise your website through social media and get people with genuine interest in gardening to land on your galleries, you can potentially get them into your customer funnel.

Online shopbusiness

The fact that you are doing gardening work means that you have access to all kinds of gardening equipment and materials. You can boost your revenue by opening a shop and selling it to people who have need for it.

As an industry expert, you are in a position to give legitimate advice and recommendations about their requirements, which will help you boost your sales. Don’t push it too far though, since it may seem as scammy behaviour and it’s only recommend things when asked for advice.

In order for this to work, you will need to establish safe payment options for your clients. This means that you will have to check out credit card processing company rankings and pick one that suits your needs. After this, you need to establish a delivery method and start selling products.

There are even more ways to monetize your website but this is a start. Still, don’t expect things to happen overnight and without any investment. It takes time to build a solid online presence in any niche and gardening is no different. Take your time and grow your influence without focusing on getting an immediate return on investment. A website that looks like one big sales page is very off-putting for traffic and will cause a massive level of abandonment.

We hope we helped you out and may your traffic grow as well as the gardens you tend to.


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