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Granny flat layouts to consider for 2018

Granny flats have become a hot commodity in the last few years due to their affordability. As families grow bigger, the home space doesn’t. And buying a bigger home isn’t cheap. So families are opting to install a nice space in their backyard.

It is also a great choice if the husband wants his very own man cave where he can watch sports or play games to his heart content. And if the wife has always wanted her little art studio, then the granny flat is the answer.

The thing with the granny flat is that the only limit is your imagination. If you need more space over the holidays for when the relatives come to visit, then the extra space will make a big difference come the holidays.

And if your teenager is whining about their space and they hate everyone then the granny flat is the perfect solution. Your teen won’t be slamming their door as hard as the door of their bedroom in your home. They can learn to be a little more self-sufficient as well, helping them get ready for the big world after high school.

With that being said a lot of young adults can’t afford to get their own place right out of school, so the granny flat is the perfect solution for them. They can pay a lot less rent than when they would have to find their own place, and can save the rest for when they eventually move out. It also means no-one is in anyone’s way and they can have friends over without disrupting the entire household.

There are so many different options to choose from that you’ll find exactly one that will suit your needs and wallet.

Installation is simple, and the workmanship is of the highest quality. It’s a lot more affordable than buying a larger home when your family suddenly expands. And nowadays they get delivered straight to your home.

There really isn’t an easier way to increase the space on your property. And with the money you would’ve spent on maybe buying a new house, you can kit out the granny flat with all the latest bells and whistles and still not break the bank.

Deciding on a granny flat layout that will fit your needs and space is the first step after you’ve decided on getting a granny flat. Don’t worry though; there are amazing options that you can choose from. Nowadays you can even add an ensuite bathroom.

Here are two options you may want to consider:

The Studio Cabin

The studio cabin can come with or without an ensuite bathroom. It all depends on how far you may be willing to run to the bathroom. You can rent this space out to tenants or have the relatives stay there when they’re over for a long weekend. You’ll be more relaxed because there won’t be extra people taking up space in your home, and the family will have an area to enjoy when being in each other’s space becomes too much.

Bedroom Cabins

Choosing between a one and two bedroom granny flat is all about what you need out of the space. Both these options come with their separate living spaces. This could be a nice space for the kid who is not yet ready to leave home but craves their own space.

Whatever you end up on deciding the options are endless. All you have to do is think of what you want, and the perfect granny flat will be there to make your dreams come true.



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