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Gas Vs Electric Lawn Trimmer – Choosing the Best Tool for Your Garden

Lawn maintenance involves a lot of grass trimming, to keep your lawn beautiful. When choosing a trimmer, the types and varieties available make it a confusing endeavour. Two primary types of grass trimmers that you can choose from are as follows

  • Gas lawn trimmers
  • Electric lawn trimmers

What are lawn trimmers

A lawn trimmer consists of a piece of plastic thread or wire that cuts the grass or weeds by spinning very fast. Its length is similar to a shovel and it’s made up of light weight material. It may be powered by gas or electricity and it can be carried around the lawn to cleanly cut the grass in hard to reach areas.

Gas lawn trimmers

This type of lawn trimmers use gas as fuel and being cordless they can be easily moved around the property. They are very powerful tools and they help you in winding up your work at a fast pace. These are best suited for large properties and heavy or tall weeds.

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They are available in two engine variants

  • Two-cycle engine model – these are noisier of the two variants. They need an oil and gas mixture as fuel.
  • Four-cycle engine model – These are more expensive, but are quieter with comparatively low emissions than a two-engine variant. There is no need to mix oil and gas for fuel.

A primary feature that should be considered while getting a gas lawn trimmer is the presence of centrifugal switch. It allows the trimmer to idle without spinning the line, resulting in a safer and convenient operation.

Electric lawn trimmers

They are similar to gas trimmer except in the fuel part. They need an electricity-plug to power the engine. This hampers its mobility whereas it also makes the trimmer environment-friendly due to lack of emission. These are cheaper, quieter and easy to operate than a gas trimmer. If you choose the battery powered variant then it only needs to be plugged in for charging. Afterwards they can be easily used without worrying about the cable/cord length.

Gas trimmers vs. Electric lawn trimmers

Both the trimmers have various pros as well as cons, but choosing one of these is primarily dependent on your individual preference. If you prefer a quiet trimmer, that’s environment-friendly, lightweight, easy to handle, inexpensive and you don’t need to use it for long duration then you can choose an Electric lawn trimmer. If you want a powerful machine that can cover large areas and that’s fast, then you can go with a gas trimmer.

A gas trimmer is loud so you will need to use ear protection and it will need regular maintenance to keep it in a sound condition. They are powerhouses and extremely fast, but heavier to handle.

The choice finally comes down to your preference and the job you need to get done. The area and the type and density of weed you want to trim are another factors that may affect your choice. Lastly, you should be careful to use ear protection if it’s needed and dress accordingly in long boots with proper eye coverings.

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