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Four Things to Consider Before Ordering Custom Crates

Crates are used for a good variety of reasons. It provides us the benefit of handling goods and services carefully till it reaches the store. Fragile items as well can be transported using the crates. However, it is sometimes difficult to use the standard crates for all products, as many of them come in awkward shapes and may not fit correctly in the crates. It is the main reason you need to order for custom crates so that any item can fit perfectly without any hassle. So how do you go about ordering for the crates? Here are few things that you need to do first before ordering for custom crates.

Standard Size Crates:

Since the sizes of crates vary in size, it is always good to first check if the product that you want to supply will fit in one of the crates. Moreover, customizing the crates requires much work in the backend including designing it as per your requirement. If one of the standard size crates fit perfectly, then you can shun the idea of getting a custom made crate.

Custom Crates Help Avoid Damages:

One of the main reasons why people prefer using custom shipping crates is because it can prevent the products from getting damaged during the transit. If the standard size does not fit your item, then get custom crates as per the dimensions of the product. This way you can rest assured that your product will reach the destination safely.

Provides Enough Support:

Standard size crates are good. However, you need to understand that they are not designed keeping your product in mind. Hence, when you start using these products, you cannot be sure that they will endure through the entire transportation process.

If the weight of the product is more than the box to withhold, it might break midway causing unwanted damages to the product. It can incur a huge loss if your product is fragile and if you are shipping them in bulk. However, when you opt for ISPM certified shipping crates, it will be created using material that can sustain the weight of the product. This way, you don’t have to go through the trouble rather stay relaxed knowing that the goods will reach the destination without any havoc.

Proper Protection of Goods: Materials can be affected because of the extreme weather conditions like heat, rain, and so forth. Hence it is important to get a custom shipping crate to provide that extra protection to your products. It is not always a good idea to ship your products in a wooden crate. Imagine if the area where it is getting delivered experiences rain, then a wooden crate cannot sustain that weather. It can cause unwanted damage to the product as well as incurring a loss to your company. A PVC crate is ideal for this kind of climate.

Hence it is important to evaluate these things before opting for custom crates.



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