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Enhance your Home with Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are distinctively beautiful and long-lasting materials. Whether you want to renovate your bathroom, remodel your kitchen or spice up the flooring of your home, porcelain tiles will rarely disappoint.

Porcelain tiles tell a lot about your home. Not only do they add style and decor but also property value. Today’s real estate market demands quality, sophistication and beauty. Porcelain tiles are a form of investment.

Decorating is one of the best satisfactions in owning a home. We do it to enhance the appearance and worth of our houses. Tiling is one of the most effective ways of decor; your flooring is the first thing people notice about your home.Image result for Enhance your Home with Porcelain Tiles

How do porcelain tiles enhance your home?

Makes your home more hygienic
Porcelain tiles do not attract dirt, soak up odours or stain, thus making them a popular choice among home owners. When they are clean, they add a touch of glamour and comfort to your house that can’t go unnoticed.

Have underfloor heating
Advancement in architecture and technology has replaced the not-so-convenient radiators in the walls with underfloor heating. Although quality hardwood is also suitable, porcelain tiles are the best option when it comes to efficiently heating your floor.

No more allergies
Unlike carpets, porcelain tiles do not allow for pet hairs, dust and pollen. Thus, making them the ideal floor surface for an anti-allergic home.

Waterproof floor surface
Porcelain tiles are waterproof, hence perfect in areas that are prone to liquid spillages like the kitchen. They are best in rooms with lots of moisture in the air, like the bathroom and sauna room. Put these tiles outdoors around swimming pools and on patio areas.

Increase the durability of your home
It is only human to want things to last after purchase or installation. When properly maintained, porcelain tiles prove to last way longer than carpets or wooden flooring. In fact, with the right care, porcelain tiles preserve the same finish and span as when they were first installed.

Spotless home
Porcelain tiles are very easy to clean. Since they do not draw dirt on them, they can maintain a flawless look for years. The best part is that porcelain tiles do not require special cleaning or products.

Homely and comfortable

Not only do floor tiles add allure but they also bring a sense of comfort to your home. Porcelain tiles are cool during hot, sunny summers. Winters are more bearable with these tiles as long as the underfloor system is working. You can even walk barefoot in your house!

Adding value
Porcelain tiles are quite pocket-friendly when compared to the services they offer. Most types are either cheaper or cost the same as carpets and hardwood. Customized tiles are also available. Whatever the cost, porcelain tiles are worth it because they are really durable.

While wooden floors and carpets maintain the same (maybe monotonous) pattern, porcelain tiles allow for creativity and design. Floor tiles can be used to enhance the theme of your house. The probability of creating a remarkable floor are endless; from contrasting mosaic panels to state of the art bathroom walls.

Ideas for enhancing your home with tiles
Tiling pavements to your door.
Add patterned porcelain tiles on your hallway to make it look more spacious.
Define areas in multi-purpose rooms by using tiles with different patterns.
For the bathroom, mix a variety of tiles with blending shapes and colours to add elegance.
Create a fascinating backsplash in your kitchen, that blends with the room’s interior design.

For more info about porcelain tiles, click here.



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