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Common Electric Fencing Mistakes to Avoid


Electric fencing in Perth is the very best solution to contain horses in a restricted area. Horses are rational enough to stay away from the fence because of the electric shock. Also, the fencing technology has improved vastly in the past 10 years, making them easier to install, stronger and safer. But if you want to attain maximum benefits, it is suggested to avoid making some mistakes as explained below,

  • Using wires that are very small

The smaller the wire, the less electricity it would carry. You need to make sure that the electrical charge passed through the wire is intense enough to deter horses from touching the fence. By consulting a retailer who deals with supplies in Perth, you can know the thickness of the wire required to be used in horse fencing.

  • Poor quality insulators

It is important to use high-quality plastics that have the required durability and strength. Also, Plastic insulators deteriorate over time under the sunlight. Hence, it is best to choose porcelain which might be costlier but more efficient, robust and can last longer when compared to plastic.

  • Relying on underpowered energisers

Electric fencing in Perth is meant for providing a psychological barrier and its electric power is more important than its actual physical strength. Also, the electric shock delivered must be effective to overcome the growth of vegetation around the fence. You can achieve this only by making use of high powered energisers.

  • Using corrosive clamps

Clamps are required to work under tension so that the connection is good. If the clamps start to corrode the connection will fail eventually. So make sure that the clamps are galvanized.

  • Insufficient earth grounding

The intensity of the electric shock experienced by a person walking on a rubber shoe is much lesser than the one walking over a wet floor. Applying the same principle to the electric based fencing, it is easy to understand that the electric rods need to be adequately grounded to the earth. Or else, the resultant electric shock received by the horses would be weak because the wires wouldn’t make a complete circuit into the ground.

  • Making use of different kinds of metals

It is strongly advised not to use different kinds of metals for electric based fencing. For example, you cannot join a copper wire to a steel wire as the contact between the two metals can cause electrolysis. This can lead to corrosion, which in turn can weaken the electric shock. Hence, make sure that you get one kind of wire while buying electric fencing supplies in Perth.

Avoid committing these blunders and improve the overall efficiency and increase its longevity.

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