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Clean Your Patio in a Very Short Time

For this method you will need a pressure washer. Patio of your house gets dirty very often and easily because it stays in open air. The dirt falls on it and makes it dirty and slippery and it might be the reason of an accident. The dirty patio attracts moisture which can lead to frost damage. Dirt comes with our shoes and gets stuck on the patio very easily. It becomes very annoying and it takes a lot of your valuable time if you plan to clean it with a bucket of water and a brush. Using a pressure washer can betime savingand it does the job better than your hand-brush. To clean your patio with a pressure washer there are several steps that you need to follow. In this way your cleaning will become proper and effective.


Clean the Area

At first you have to clear all the objects, small leaves and any other valuable stuff that are lying on your patio. There should not be any object because it will obstruct or delay your cleaning process. After removing all your objects sweep the entire area with a broom to remove the small objects and leaves. Otherwise these small objects or leaves will be flying around and disturb you.

Set Your Machine

After clearing the obstacles you have to connect your machine for cleaning. There are different kinds of detergent solutions that you will get in the market. You can use any them so that you get a perfect cleaning. If your machine doesn’t have a built-in detergent tank,than you have to dilute the detergent with water in a bucket. After that put the garden hose in the bucket through which the machine will suck in the water. If you have a detergent tank than don’t worry about a bucket and use it. The time you will start the engine the detergent mixed water will come out through the spray gun. Now you have to hit the dirt of your patio with the pressurized water and clean slowly.

How You Should Clean

When all your things are set and you are ready hold your spray gun tightly so that it doesn’t slip from hand. This is very important as the spray gun might slip and injure you. Now spray the water from one side to another and keep repeating the process. Keep your spray gun close to the surface so that the dirt gets it hard and don’t spray the water in a scattered way. Start from one end of your patio and finis on the other end. Clean it properly and move forward slowly. Within a short time your entire patio will be as clean as new.

Choose the Right Nozzle

To clean your patio you should use specific type of nozzle. It is better to use the 15-degree or 25-degree nozzle because it willgive you the best result. There is a turbo speed clean spray wand which is specialized for cleaning patio or driveway. In this wand there are some spinning spray guns that make the work easy. This is also used to clean rough surfaces. It is important to choose the proper spray nozzle to get the best result.

The days of cleaning your patio with a brush and bucket of water have gone. If you use a pressure washer your cleaning will be very effective and time saving. Your clean patio will make a good impression on others about you and it also will stop diseases from spreading. For better cleaning the above tips are very important.


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