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Bed bugs- detecting and trapping

There are many types of pests, which can be present in a house. Some of these pests can be very serious and their bites can be poisonous but other pests do not cause any body harm but they can still be as much irritating and creepy. Ants and flees are the most common pets which can be present in a house but they do not cause any serious damage to the persons health but they can destroy all the food items in seconds. Killing these pests is also easy. They can be killed by the pest killing sprays and products available in the market. There are also those pests, which are very dangerous, and bed bugs are one of those pests. They can cause very serious body harm. They can cause high fever and the worst part is that they are attracted to carbon dioxide and people can inhale them while sleeping.

Detecting these bugs is also not an easy task. These bugs can be very small and are mostly invisible. They remain hiding in day light and come out only in night or when they want to be feed. That is why mostly people do not find out about them until it is too late. There are detectors available in the market and people can use them find the bugs if the feel that they are present in the house.

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Removing these bugs is also a very difficult task and people cannot remove them on their own. The most common thing people do is try to trap as much bugs as they can. People use different kinds of bed bug traps but the most common thing they use are interceptor cups. They put the cups in different areas of the house and trap the bugs. It can be helpful until the time the exterminators come and remove the bugs completely. This trap does not completely solve the bug problem so it is very important to hire professionals to remove the bugs completely from the house. There are many other types of traps which are available in the market and people can use hose traps too.


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