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Avoid These Common Pest Control Mistakes


Pests are annoying and keeping them out of your house might seem like an ongoing battle. But you cannot give up as allowing them to invade your home can be quite damaging. Though it is not recommended to handle pest control in NYC as a DIY project, sometimes it is ok to try your own methods as long as you avoid committing some major mistakes. Here are the most common mistakes made by people while tackling pest control in New York City,

Being unsafe

Most pesticides, baits and repellants are great at eradicating pests. At the same time, they can be dangerous to your family and pets too. Hence, take necessary precautions while handling the non-organic pest control supplies and choose the places where you are going to apply it carefully. If that particular place is easily reached by kids or pets, then make sure that they steer clear of the area until it is safe again.

Ignoring the cause of the infestation

Discovering the cause of the infestation is very important. You can easily follow a method for bed bug control in NYC. But if you fail to identify how the bugs have got there in the first place, you cannot prevent them from infesting your bed once again.

Untidy yard

The condition of your yard plays an important role in inviting the pests into your living space. Make sure that your yard is free of stagnant water, trash cans, rotten food items and dead animals.

Improper baiting

Consider the following factors while baiting for insects and rodents,

  • Location

Place the traps where the pests would often go. If you are attempting to trap mice, then there is no use placing the baits in the center of your living room. Rather keep them closer to the walls, behind heavy appliances and dark secluded corners. If you happen to find mouse droppings somewhere, then it might be one of the perfect locations to catch them.

  • Time

You need to place the baits at least for a few weeks. In that way, you can ensure that their offspring won’t grow up to infest your home.

Not paying attention to the details

For performing effective preventive methods, you need to know who you are dealing with correctly. A professional who handles pests for a living, would know the difference between various species. But if you are new to pest control, it could be difficult to identify one insect from the other. So try to learn more about the pests you are about to deal with. Only then you can purchase the right supplies.

If you have any doubts about pest control in NYC, contact a pest control company immediately.

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