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Apartments in Dupont Circle

When talking about real estate in Chicago it is impossible not to mention the Dupont Circle district. Architect Pierre Charles L’Enfant was responsible for planning the Dupont Circle region; however, in the 1870s a number of improvements were made that would see space created for modern entities such as a number of the national geographic museum or Lincoln Theater to be constructed closer to the circle. Dupont Circle district is a distinct mix of both modern as well as historic lifestyles that are only compared to cities in Europe such as Liverpool. This is the uniqueness of Dupont Circle district in the real estate market.   Today, Apartments in Dupont Circle are surrounded by the elegance of the previous centuries making it a hot spot for homeowners. The region is also well facilitated with internationally renounced dining facilities, urban as well as historic sites and entertainment hangouts. Below are the most sorted after real-estate locations in Dupont Circle district.            
19th street.
Dupont Circle district’s 19th Street has always attracted the urban professionals in the Washington DC State Area. When it comes to the availability of luxury apartments in Dupont Circle, the Santa Rosa Luxury Apartments becomes a synonymous topic. These apartments offer stylish, well designed one bedroom as well as two-bedroom luxury studios.  The lavish green scenery around the apartment adds to a calm tranquil environment that is unmatched. The Drake Apartments are also located on the same street. They offer elegant and most modern one bedroom as well as two-bedroom studio apartments that are well-fitted shopping and entertainment amenities in DuPont circle at premium prices. In some instances, luxury living comes in the shape of historical gems and The Preston represents this in the urban apartments of the Dupont Circle district’s 19th. Located only one block away from the Dupont Circle the Preston offer convince in movement; additionally, these apartments are surrounded by a tranquil lush green environment that offers peace of mind in lavish living that is unmatched to any other such living quarters.    
Downtown district
Dupont Circle down town business district is known as the heart of the DC corporate life. The region has always been a hotspot for homeowners; however, when dealing with corporate minded clients finding the best fitting apartment may not be easy to find. Nonetheless, this is not been the case when it comes to The Hamilton House Luxury Apartments. Spacious lobbies, urban design one, and two-bedroom studios, security, as well as parking amenities make The Hamilton House Luxury Apartments are located at 1255 New Hampshire Avenue and offer the most appealing living quarters in the Dupont Circle down town business district.
The real estate market is dynamic; consequently, there has been a constant need for unique historic apartments in the Dupont Circle district. The Windermere-Harrowgate is the best representation of urban living in the 21st century as it offers fully renovated apartments that features the best living quarters amenities at affordable prices. The Windermere-Harrowgate offers both one and two bedroom apartments located at New Hampshire Avenue.





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