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Albuquerque Mold Removal Company Suggests Mold Prevention Tips For Winter

Winter is around the corner and the upcoming wet, cold months will create avenues for mold growth. Rain and snow create moisture that gets trapped inside enclosed buildings. Not to mention, closed doors and windows will only worsen the situation. Furnaces might help make your rooms get warmer, but this leads to condensation, resulting in mold spores feeding on your items. To prevent such circumstances, follow these mold prevention tips suggested by an Albuquerque mold removal company.

Albuquerque Mold Removal Companies Recommend Maintaining Humidity Less Than 45%

The best way to prevent and control mold growth is to maintain the indoor humidity level of your home at 45% or less. Dehumidifiers can do the trick, and areas such as basements should have its humidity levels controlled. If you notice any sudden increase in humidity levels, look for any sources of water leakage immediately.

Set Ceiling Fans to Rotate Clockwise:

The general rule of thumb is to set the ceiling fans to rotate counterclockwise during summer and clockwise during winter. Having all your ceiling fans set up this way will facilitate warm air to surround your house, thus making your living space warmer and bringing down the utility bills too. As ceiling fans move air around, the effects of condensation will be brought down and mold growth is prevented.

Use Exhaust Fans in Kitchen and Bathroom:

Moisture is highly likely to be trapped when there’s no proper air circulation. Cooking in the kitchen or bathing produces steam during winter, due to which there is a big temperature difference between outdoors and indoors. This is why it is important that you use exhaust fans all the time you cook and bath, as well as use dehumidifiers in such rooms to prevent or control mold growth.

Maintain Roof Gutters:

Make sure there are no leaves, sticks or other debris that hinders the free flow of water. Maybe you can use gutter guards to prevent the buildup of debris or clogging of gutters. Don’t forget to check for any missing shingles or damage caused during summer storms. Water that comes from the gutters should flow in such a way that it doesn’t flood the basement and make way for mold growth.

Hire a Mold Removal Expert:

If you identify mold growth of any intensity or would like to have a professional inspection over the same, hire an experienced mold removal expert. Mold spreads quickly and if they grow in hidden places, they will spread undetected. Professional Albuquerque mold removal companies will use specialized equipment and techniques to resolve the problem.

Follow the above tips to protect your residence from the hideous effects of mold. Act before it’s too late. If in doubt, get your house inspected by a professional Albuquerque mold removal company.



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