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5 Common Myths about Window Films Dispelled

The window film industry is often victimised to several myths that deceive people and prevent them from buying window films. In reality, there are several great benefits associated with the use of window films in Sydney, which homeowners often do not know. Here are some of such popular myths dispelled for you:

Myth 1: Window Films will make the Interiors Too Dark

Fact: This was the case several years ago, however the technology behind window films have evolved through the years to impart great functionality. Modern-day window films allow a large portion of the visible light to enter the interiors, thus reducing darkness. Most of them are under the impression that using window films will lead to increased usage of artificial light, however this is far from truth.

Myth 2: Window Films are only meant for Old Buildings and Homes

Fact: Window films in Sydney are a great addition to old buildings and homes, but that doesn’t mean they are merely made for them. Window films are used in modern homes and newly constructed buildings as well. These window films also offer enough protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, and are even better than modern low e-coatings provided on newer windows today. Window films are indeed a good investment and are meant to last longer.

Myth 3: Window Films are Harmful for indoor Plants

Fact: Indoor plants already receive sufficient sunlight required for survival. This means installing window films hardly have any effect on these plants. Yes, it might take some time for the plants to adapt, but window films will never pose a problem in the long run. You can also discuss with an expert botanist to know how much sunlight your specific plant would need.

Myth 4: You cannot clean your Windows After the Window Film is installed:

Fact: Not true. Windows that have window films installed can be cleaned just as any other window. However, you need to make sure not to clean your windows for the first 30 days after the installation of window films. Hiring a reputable window film installer is a bonus as they will leave your windows spotless in the interiors during the installation process.

Myth 5: Window Films Might Cause the Window to Break

Fact: There are several reasons why your window might break, regardless of having window films. They include tensile stress, thermal stress, twisting stress, impact stress and more. Window film manufacturer will run several tests to determine which type of window films can be used for specific glass types. This will ensure that your windows will remain secure at all times.

These are some myths you should never believe. Consult with a glass films expert in Sydney to know the truth behind window films and how versatile t is for you in many ways. Your windows will, for sure, benefit from having window films applied on it.



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