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4 Big Home Design Trends Right Now

If you are looking to buy a house right now—and particularly a new one—you might soon find that there seems to be a few trends on the market today.  Today’s home buyer is a little more savvy and a little more frugal at the same time.  There seems to be some updated touches on classic ideas, these days, and with this ksicabinetry.com combination everybody wins.

CONCEPT #1: Soft and Muted Color Palettes

There was once a time when the most popular home design colors were bright and boisterous. These days, though, it appears that interior design is more about softer, simpler, easier colors than ever before.  In the kitchen, white remains the most popular color but in the past people have opted for colorful trims or more vibrant back splash notes. That is just not the case today. In fact, some people are even going so far as to make the kitchen the most pristine room in the house—with white notes on top of white walls. If you do like a little color to go with your cooking, though, you will find that the modern kitchen lends towards charcoal and gray and neutral pastels.Image result for 4 Big Home Design Trends Right Now

CONCEPT #2:  Metallic Features

Last year, interior designers advised about metallic finishes and it looks like that trend is here to stay again.  Consider touches of copper, bronze, chrome, and other metallic notes to bring some depth to the simple color pallets.  Sure, shiny metal faucets have always been in style, but homeowners are opting for other things—like large range hoods—these days.

CONCEPT #3:  Integrated Living Spaces

As technology, work, play, family, and casual lifestyles continue to somewhat blend together in today’s busy world, home design has been moving towards more integrated living spaces.  Open floor plans with rooms that blend seamlessly into each other are all the rage right now.

CONCEPT #4:  The Smart Home

Home’s built for today’s buyer are designed for the families of tomorrow and that means they are more tech capable than ever before.  The Internet of Things—the way that devices can all be connected—has made its way into the home and that means homeowners can start to expect everything from controlling your television from a mobile app to voice commands with your lights and appliances.


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